Reduce single-use plastic? Take a look at your feet!

There is shifting attitude to plastic in the UK. Since its introduction, the 5p bag charge has reduced the number of plastic bags washed up on UK beaches by a huge 40%. But we still have a long way to go.

Sky Ocean Rescue recently reported that more than eight million tonnes of plastic thrown away each year is washed out to sea. Sky is now championing a campaign to reduce the amount of ‘single-use plastic’ we use, including cotton buds, straws, plastic bottles and cutlery. But one single-use plastic that many industries’ attitude hasn’t shifted for is a gross over-reliance on plastic overshoes.


V12 Footwear has carried out extensive research on overshoes usage, working with one of the largest utility companies in the country with 5000 UK-based engineers. These engineers are getting through as many as 10 pairs of plastic overshoes every single day from going in and out of customers’ homes. Over the course of a year this equates to the weight of your packed suitcase on your last holiday, crammed full of wasted single-use plastic. Just from one engineer.

To put it simply, a company of this size could be sending 70 tonnes of used plastic overshoes to UK landfill every year, And that’s if it gets that far.


V12 was determined to find a solution, and developed MukGuard – the bag for life of the overshoe world. MukGuard is a reusable overshoe that is proven to be greener, safer and more effective than plastic overshoes. Designed for professionals who regularly enter into customers' homes through the course of their work, it’s the first sustainable overshoe of its kind on the market. Incredible when the focus on global warming is only increasing.

Ben Turner, Director at V12 Footwear commented:

"We created the MukGuard in response to a huge gap in the market for a reusable overshoe. Perhaps we have old-fashioned values, but we believe in reducing what is thrown away wherever possible and instead creating hard-wearing products that can be washed and reused time and time again."

As well as being green, MukGuard is a lot safer to use too. It fits snugly to the shoe to prevent trips; and is proven in lab tests to offer 75% more grip than plastic overshoes; driving down the most common accidents in the workplace. You can download the full results of these slip tests here.

So next time you go to put on some plastic overshoes, just remember that no-one is too small to make a difference. All you need is a bag for life.

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