In July 2017, we hosted a knowledge sharing event to discuss a key shortfall in the industry: women’s PPE. 
In particular, safety footwear.

We invited representatives from the construction, oil and gas and engineering industries to the event; as well as experts in the field of PPE, shoe fitting and foot health. Through a series of speeches, workshops and question and answer sessions, we started to understand how women-specific PPE has improved over the past years, but also we identified the continuing shortfalls.

Women’s feet are anatomically different to men’s. Until now, there has been very little choice for women other than wearing footwear designed for men’s feet. This will typically be too wide, especially around the ankle, which can cause friction and discomfort.

During the event, we were delighted to present the new V12 Footwear women’s range, and explain the development process to the guests. Designed to a woman’s foot shape, we hope this will be a great step forward in the women’s PPE journey.