Case studies

Case Study, Oil & Gas

BP Global

BP are a global force in the oil and gas industry and have established platforms at drilling locations or fields across the world.

The issue

BP’s production facilities at sea have to be robust and reliable to cope with the vast amounts of oil and gas to be extracted, the depth of the water and the general harshness of the environment. Due to this their employees are exposed to some of the most extreme working conditions and therefore need high-quality PPE including high-specification boots to keep them safe and comfortable.

What we did

In collaboration with BP The V12 Defiant (E1300) was developed to meet the requirements of extra slip resistance on work surfaces such as wet scaffold board and Kennedy grating. But it wasn’t just grip – the boots had to be comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time too, and quick and easy to get on and off. So we made sure that these boots did not need breaking in, improving wearer satisfaction.

After an extensive development and trial period, the Defiant was selected as meeting the demanding criteria of safety and comfort and is now the number one choice for many Oil and Gas companies globally.