Case studies

Case Study, Construction

Samco Norton Ltd.

Samco Norton specialises in groundwork & foundations, offering a wide range of services across the West Midlands. Much of their work includes excavation, demolition and concrete laying as well as implementing agricultural systems and drainage solutions. This means frequent use of dumpers, bulldozers, diggers and heavy machinery in wet muddy conditions. Maintenance of livestock facilities also requires workers to be on the ground amongst animals and within farm environments.

The Issue:

It was clear from the start that the team at Samco Norton needed footwear that was flexible and comfortable as well as hard wearing due to the varied roles, equipment, and weather conditions faced.

What we did:

We proposed that The V12 Rawhide (V1231) become their standard issue boot, which was immediately liked by the team. One of the key benefits is the fact they do not need breaking in – allowing wearers do their job in comfort from the very first step. Wearers also found that they lasted longer than previous other branded boots - clearly a welcome cost effective solution for our client.

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