Do Women Need Specially Designed Safety Footwear?

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In July 2017, V12 Footwear hosted a Knowledge Sharing Event to discuss Women's PPE. Industry representatives from construction, oil and gas, engineering and utilities attended to share their expertise and insights, as well as specialists in podiatry, foot health, PPE and footwear testing. Through a series of fascinating workshops, speeches and Q&A sessions, we were all able to get an understanding of how safety footwear for women has improved, yet more importantly discuss areas where there is still a short fall in female-specific PPE.

During the event, we were delighted to present the V12 women’s safety footwear range. Built on a specifically-made female last shape, instead of resorting to wearing smaller men’s safety boots, the styles in this collection will mean our female wearers get maximum comfort and maximum safety on every step of their shift.

Because women's feet are anatomically different, they need specially designed safety footwear.

Total protection with no exceptions.