Top 3 Benefits of Metal-free Footwear for Men and Women

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We know that steel toe and midsole safety footwear has been regarded as the favoured choice for foot protection across most industries. More recently though, without compromising on safety, metal-free footwear (also known as composite) is replacing traditional steel toe and midsole safety footwear at scale, which is not surprising given the many benefits of going metal-free.

V12 Footwear - Metal-FreeWorking in a security conscious environment

Metal-Free footwear is non-negotiable in high security environments such as airports, military bases and government buildings, as workers are routinely scanned to prevent theft or weapons being bought in. In these environments, if footwear is not metal-free it must be removed beforehand, which can be a compromise on safety.

Better protection, no UNNECESSARY weight

Composite footwear (metal-free) features a toe or midsole that is made from incredibly tough yet lightweight material such as fibreglass, Kevlar or carbon fibre. It offers superior strength and support, as well as a thermoneutral temperature - and not to mention increased agility. In no way is the protection of the wearer's feet compromised. We recommend you look for metal-free composite footwear that meets or exceeds the stringent ISO 20345 - S1 or SIP standards.

Metal ToecapComposite toecapFibre Glass Toecap

PreventING post impact trapping

Composite footwear - in particular a composite toecap - is made from material that lets the footwear recover its shape following a significant impact. A steel toecap on the other hand bends into a fixed position and can trap parts of the feet after a serious accident, making it extremely difficult and in some instances very painful to try and remove the foot. In extreme cases, the footwear may need to be cut apart or dismantled for the foot to be freed.

When buying or supplying safety footwear, please ensure you take into consideration the impact rating and compression rating of the footwear. The impact rating will tell you the number of pounds or joules the shoe will protect you against, whilst the compression rating lets you know the amount of resistance the shoe can withstand before breaking.

Learn more about safety standards in our handy chart below:
V12 Footwear - safety standards
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