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Lightweight vegan work boots

Did you know that in 2014 there were only around 150,000 vegans in the UK? Fast forward 8 years and there are - according to a survey carried out by Our Sporting Life - now an estimated 3.9 million vegans in the UK. 

This report also revealed that out of 1,000 over 16s interviewed, 7.1% said they were vegan. These stats show us clearly that veganism isn’t remotely niche anymore – rejecting animal products is becoming an environmental life choice as conventional as walking to work or doing the recycling. 

That said, it’s still common for people to have certain perceptions of vegan footwear being a niche or relatively expensive investment. Moreover, some may even anticipate having to compromise on the quality, style and performance of the product. Well, we’re happy to report that on all fronts, this is definitely not the case! 

In this article, as well as learning why vegan boots aren’t a compromise in any respect, we're going to go over what makes a work boot vegan, how to identify a vegan work boot, and finally, how to care for them. 

What makes a vegan work boot?

For a product to be considered vegan friendly, it cannot contain animal material – this includes fur, hide, hair or even shell. However, an area that people tend to overlook is the adhesive that holds the shoe together: this also can't contain any animal ingredients such as gelatine, which is created by boiling connective tissue and bones. 

Our vegan safety shoes and work boots

Our vegan-friendly work boots have been constructed from a breathable leather-free PU material and are fixed with glue that doesn't contain any animal ingredients.

How to identify a vegan work boot

If in-store, check the tongue label: this will outline the materials used in the lining and the outer sole. If the label says 'other materials' rather than 'leather' followed by the diamond symbol, this usually indicates they are made from a synthetic material, and therefore are vegan friendly. However, we always recommend double-checking with the company if you’re unsure or simply want that extra peace of mind. 

Finally, look out for symbols next to products which categorise them as part of a vegan range. Our vegan-friendly work boots are all marked with 'other material' on the label followed by a diamond-shaped icon. This vegan-friendly icon is associated with all our vegan products.

                Vegan Work Boots      Vegan Work Boots

Caring for your vegan work boots

Leather and suede are high maintenance materials, especially compared to vegan alternatives. Furthermore, vegan footwear tends to be a lot tougher, especially in wet, humid and muddy conditions, so you’ll be able to enjoy superior foot protection as well as making a more sustainable choice for the environment.  

Despite their durability, your vegan footwear will still need some good old TLC. To keep them looking fresh and new, we recommend following the advice below: 

  • Keep them in a well ventilated and dry room, away from direct sunlight 
  • To keep them clean, give them a thorough wipe with a damp cloth after use
  • To remove dirt, use a soft bristle brush 

Our vegan-friendly work boot range

Our vegan footwear range consists of trainers, hikers and boots and are available in both men's and women's fit. View our styles below:

V1910 Boost - Vegan Work BootsV1920 Octane - Vegan Work BootsV1930 Turbo - Vegan Work BootsV1940 Torque - Vegan Work BootsV1950 Velocity - Vegan Work BootsV1501.01 Caiman IGS - Vegan Work Boots

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