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Safety footwear has a purpose!... To protect those working in tough environments and ensure get home safely. But what also needs to be considered are the numerous other influencing factors that impact the shoes that wearers choose. 

From the safety features required, the style, the budget, there are many impacting factors to the decision. We recognise this and that is why we have developed two brands, V12 and VITAL, to ensure there is something for everyone.

As our ranges grow, we wanted to give you clarity on the differences between the two brands to ensure you're choosing the right boot for you. 
Let's start WITH a quick trip down memory lane

Where it all began...

It all began on a hot and sunny morning in September 1998 when two brothers launched V12 Footwear; and as 5th generation shoemakers, you can say that footwear is in their blood. To this day, the Turner family still owns and runs the family business.

Family is at the foundation of V12 so we know that your working day is only part of your life! So we recognise that safety footwear is critical for those working in the toughest environments, and plays an essential part in ensuring that you return home safely to your family!

That’s why we will never compromise on the high-quality footwear we bring to market. Even as our business grows, we promise to continue to deliver the industry-leading standard of footwear that we have produced for over two decades.

Disclaimer: It may not have been that hot or sunny on the first morning – we can’t remember, it was over 20 years ago!


V12 Footwear


Our V12 brand is the benchmark in safety and comfort. Everything we create starts with the wearer and is designed for comfort and confidence; all day, every day.

For over 20 years we've been researching, testing, and innovating; embracing new technologies and better materials to protect wearers and provide peace of mind. Here are some of the innovative achievements and industry-leading testing processes that bring you V12's exceptional safety footwear.

  • Unrivalled Grip.  Over 3 years of research to develop our award-winning, unrivalled  Intelligent Grip System sole.  
  • Happy Feet.  Our  Dynamic Arch  insoles developed with input from a leading podiatrist at the University of Plymouth. 
  • Working with You. The Defender STS boot developed directly with feedback from the 'orange army' and rail industry leaders. 
  • World-leading Approval. Keymark and Satra quality mark world-leading level of  quality assurance
  • Perfect Fit. 2.5 years of development spent on  men's and women's last (foot form) shape to define our boots' fit and comfort. 
  • Vegan-friendly Products. The first safety footwear manufacturer to launch men's and women's true-fitting  vegan footwear.   
  • Award-winning Footwear. Our range of safety trainers and hikers is  racking up the silverware 

These are just a few examples of the lengths we go to bring you the best in comfort and safety to help you Step up in Comfort. Head to the website and explore our range here

VITAL - V12 Footwear


VITAL incorporates the latest thinking in sports and safety technology. A range created with comfort, practicality and fashion in mind, VITAL offers essential safety features, delivering a range that is reasonably priced and fully fitted to the job.

Although the VITAL range doesn't have the same level of research and development that we apply to V12's, it is important to highlight that we have built the VITAL brand on the same safety values; and this is something that we will never compromise on with any footwear that V12 Footwear brings to market.

Stylish. Safe. It's VITAL. View the range here


With a genuine passion and purpose to keep people safe, we will never compromise on the safety of the footwear that we bring to market. Whether it's our V12 or VITAL footwear ranges, safety is always at the forefront.

Thanks to these two brands, it means V12 Footwear has something for everyone. We can cater to a broad range of budgets, needs, and requirements and give peace of mind to the wearer that their safety is paramount to us.