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Foot pain is no joke. It’s distracting and uncomfortable for the wearer, and for an employer, it can mean an unhappy, unproductive workforce. 

In fact, foot-related disorders affecting knees, hips and the back are the most common work-related health problems in the UK, accounting for 8.8 million working days lost to sickness each year. 

It’s the V12 way to work with the experts, and our attitude to insoles was no different. In this video, Emma Cowley, a Lecturer in Podiatry at Plymouth University, outlines the negative impact of unaddressed foot pain and musculoskeletal conditions.


In a recent survey of over 500 safety footwear wearers conducted by University of Bath, when asked which areas of their feet were most uncomfortable when wearing safety boots, the ball of the foot and the arch were the second and third most common areas highlighted, with 'under the heel' also high on the list. In total, these three areas were stated as pain or discomfort points by almost 300 responses.

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The truth is that the extremely common problem of foot pain is often either treatable or avoidable with an insole solution. But when it comes to insoles, not all were created equally. And here’s where V12’s Dynamic ArchTM insoles come in.


Dynamic Arch insole (V12 Footwear)

According to medical resource platform HealthStatus, ‘Our feet and ankles are complicated organs requiring adaptable technology for optimum health and freedom of movement.’ 

We agree. 

And that’s why we developed the Dynamic ArchTM insole.

Made by collaborating with industry leaders in motion analysis and renowned podiatrists, Dynamic ArchTM insoles are our most advanced insoles to date: They feature: 

  • Supportive material easing pressure and pain  
  • Deep heel cups to reduce lower limb pain  
  • Bespoke arches which cradle the foot
  • Shock-absorbing heel to minimise stress
  • Breathable foam to reduce aching feet

Dynamic ArchTM insoles can go a long way to reduce other foot-related problems such as: 

  • Dropped arches 
  • Tired feet 
  • Corns and calluses
  • Poor balance 
  • Joint pain 
  • Leg and lower back fatigue  
  • Knee, hip, back and musculoskeletal problems
  • Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis is pain on the bottom of the foot, particularly in the heel and arch area, caused by straining of the part of the foot connecting the heel to the toes. According to Nuffield Health, in the UK, around one in ten people experience this condition during their lifetime. 

The NHS Health A-Z states that you may be more likely to get Plantar Fasciitis if you: 

  • wear shoes with poor cushioning or support 
  • are 40 to 60 years of age 
  • recently started doing a lot more walking, running or standing up 

For people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, NHS advice includes: 

  • wear shoes with cushioned heels and good arch support 
  • use insoles or heel pads in your shoe 

So it's clear that if you’re one of the thousands of people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, V12’s Dynamic ArchTM Insoles’ high-performing, top-level comfort features could make all the difference.  

And even better, we’ve incorporated an open cell cushioning foam, so the insole retains its shape for longer and doesn’t become flat over time like many closed cell insoles – which means extended comfort and support. 


In this video, Emma Cowley, a Lecturer in Podiatry at Plymouth University, outlines the important role dynamic insoles can play in foot wellbeing and pain reduction.


As Emma explains, with foot pain and discomfort, it all comes down to identifying the problem and finding the solution. 

But as so many people have feet with different shapes, sizes and structures, we wanted to make sure that the solution was available for everybody. This is why our Dynamic ArchTM insoles come in three different arch sizes – low, medium and high, - so that there is a comfort solution for all wearers, no exceptions.  

Furthermore, all three of these sizes are available in specific male and female fit, allowing complete personalisation, so no matter what shape your feet, there is a Dynamic ArchTM fit for you.

V12 Dynamic Arch Insoles

see for yourself

Want to see how Dynamic ArchTM soles can benefit real people in real safety situations? Watch our video below.


A lot of wearers imagine that an effective insole should be a soft, plump piece of material that cushions the whole foot, rather like a pillow cushions our heads. Well, this isn’t quite the case. 

While a top-performing insole should cushion some areas of the foot to provide support, in others parts, it’s actually the last thing the foot and the rest of the body need. 

Some wearers are surprised at the thinness of the toe area when they first see our Dynamic ArchTM Insoles, but it’s important to remember that excessive cushioning actually increases strain on muscles and tendons. Your toes are the main instruments used to push off to make a step – and they really shouldn’t be pushing off from overly soft and squashy material. Remember how tiring it gets when you’re on the beach walking over sand? Well, having an insole covered from toe to heel in thick cushioning would feel the same – it would be energy sapping, fatigue inducing, and after a while, your joints would start to seriously suffer.  

So, in the same way that a very soft mattress may do more harm than good to your back, a soft footbed may also have a similar effect on your feet. Most wearers will benefit from a firm insole - particularly under the heel area - with moderate cushioning to combat foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, rather than something overly cushioned or padded.

And while we're clearing up misunderstanDings...

V12 Footwear safety boots

We've also encountered a few wearers who've made the mistake of putting Dynamic ArchTM insoles on top of their old insoles. This should be avoided. When it comes to Insoles, it's very much a case of 'out with old, in with the new.' Dynamic ArchTM insoles are designed to be the only additional footbed support - putting them on top of another insole will compromise wearer stability and negate the benefit of their comfort and supportive technology.  Furthermore, having two insoles in a safety boot will have a big impact on fit as well as negatively impacting the effectiveness of other safety specifications such as toecap protection. So remember - there's only room for one insole in a boot: and that's the Dynamic one.    


Historically, insoles have been developed with anti-static properties to prevent electrostatic build-up by having anti-static stitching at the heel. However, we’ve worked hard in design and development to completely remove this potentially uncomfortable stitching under the ball of the foot and instead incorporate the anti-static properties into the foam. For a diabetic, this is a big health benefit, as chaffing or rubbing on stitching sewn into the heel can lead to friction and pinching, which in turn can cause blisters and open wounds and can increase the risk of infection - for a diabetic, that’s a serious risk. 


Comfort for every foot type? Check. 

Developed with foot health experts? Check. 

Pain and discomfort reduced or eliminated? Check. 


Whether you’re searching for insoles for yourself or you’re looking to find a foot health solution for your whole work force, Dynamic ArchTM insoles have all of the comfort answers.   

For your individual needs: 

You can measure your own foot arch height with our super simple home test. Click below: 


Get the right fit for your sales: 

If you’re a safety distributor and are interested in adding this industry-leading foot health solution to your range, get in touch and we can work with you to grow your sales.

Get the right fit for your team: 

“A lack of correct support leads to comfort issues and pain that result in poorer performance and efficiency. Adding a fitted insole to the footwear of employees is a cost- effective tool to increasing work productivity and comfort and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.” 

Paul O'Malley, MSK podiatrist and clinical biomechanist 

With this in mind, if your workforce has at least 100 employees, why not book a free session for V12 to come to you and measure everyone’s soles with a Dynamic Pressure Map foot scan? We’ll make sure everyone in your workforce can do their job with a bespoke, injury-reducing boot that reduces pain and boosts performance.BOOK A FREE SESSION